Ham via The Corry Brook

Walk 1

Mainly flat or gentle slopes and a few sleeper type bridges to cross

Time: 45 minutes

With your back to the pub, turn right and just before the Corry Bridge. Turn left down the short drive to the farm gate.

Go through the gate cross the little brook and turn left. Keep your eyes peeled, you may be lucky and spot a kingfisher sitting in the branches waiting for a fish to pass under them.

Cross the field and go through the next gate. Turn right over the footbridge and immediately turn left. Follow the Corry Brook keeping it on your left hand side and through the next three bridleway gates until you come to a farm gate. Go through the gate and follow the path which passes to the left hand side of the newly planted hedgerow, which is to the left of the barn conversion.

Climb over the stile and go diagonally right across the field to the middle of the hedge and over another stile onto the road. Turn left and take the next track on your left (about 50 metres), go over the bridge (Oakham House is on your left), follow the track around to your right and then immediately turn left and follow the well worn narrow footpath crossing to and fro the little stream using the sleeper bridges. In spring the banks of the stream are a mass of Bluebells and Primroses.

After crossing the stream several times the path keeps to right hand side of the stream and widens out into a track. At the end of the track turn left onto the road (the pretty thatched Threshing Cottage is on your left.) Follow this road (in about 800 metres you will pass Harrison Farm followed by the entrance to Corrie Farm on your left,) until you come to a bridleway sign and gate on your left (opposite Summer Lodge).

Go through the gate and follow the left hand hedge down the hill, go through the gateway and head diagonally right across the field heading towards the Church to the gate. Go through the gate, cross the field and over the footbridge and keep heading towards the Church.

To the left of the Church you will see a farm gate, go through this into the Village Hall car park. Turn right down the narrow lane and you are back at the Tuckers Arms.