Dalwood Shop To Summer Lodge

Walk 3a

Return using roads, footpath and bridleway

No stiles. Kissing, farm and bridleway gates Short walk

Time: 20 minutes

With your back to Tuckers Arms turn left and walk past the Church, follow the road round to the right hand corner and up the slope (The Knapp) to the Dalwood Community Shop.

At the far end of the building, go down the steps and through the kissing gate into the field. Follow the right hand hedge to very top of the field and go through the farm gate onto the road, turn right.

Walk along the road until you come to a big house on your left (Summer Lodge) turn right through the bridleway gate and follow the left hand hedge to the gateway. Go through the gateway and head down hill across the field to the farm gate, midway along the hedge go through the gate, cross the field and over the foot bridge.

Go through the farm gate to the left of the Church into Village Hall car park. Turn right down narrow lane to Tuckers Arms.