Dalwood Shop To Hawley Bottom

Walk 3b

Return via Summer Lodge

Easy walking but can be muddy in places 2 stiles. Kissing, farm and bridleway gates

Time: 50 minutes

With your back to the Tuckers Arms turn left and walk past the Church and follow the road round the right hand corner and up the slope (The Knapp) to the Dalwood Community Shop.

At the far end of the building go down the steps and through the kissing gate into the field. Follow the right hand hedge to the very top of the field and go through the farm gate onto the road. Turn right, walk down the road and take first left (just before the big house).

Walk down the lane and bear right onto the track (fingerpost Public Footpath). Go to the end of the track (can be muddy in wet weather) through the farm gate and head diagonally left across the meadow to the footbridge. Cross the bridge and turn left and head towards the sawn off tree trunk leaning out of right hand hedge.

Just past the tree, go over the stile into the field. With your back to the stile you will see a sapling almost directly in front of you. Cross the field to the left of the sapling and then to the right of the new garage. Opposite the garage in the right hand hedge is a metal gate, go through the gate and head diagonally right, up across the field to the top hedge.

Turn right and follow the left hand hedge to the corner. Go through the bridleway gate and keep following the left hand hedge. Go over the stile, turn left through the gap and then right, follow this new path down to the road.

Turn right and opposite the big house (Summer Lodge) turn left through the bridle way gate, follow the left hand hedge, go through the gateway and head down hill slightly to your right to the farm gate in middle of bottom hedge.

Go through the farm gate, across the field and over the foot bridge. Cross the field and leave by the farm gate to the left of the Church and into Village Hall car park, turn right down narrow lane to the Tuckers Arms.