Tuckers Arms to Dalwood Hill Woods

Walk 4

Return via Higher Lea and Carpenters

One steep ascent and short decent. 6 stiles. Kissing, farm and bridleway gates

Time: 1hr 30 minutes (Excluding visit to gardens)

Visit the beautiful Burrow Farm Gardens (Open 1st April to 31st October)

10am-7pm (Refreshments available)

With your back to the Tuckers Arms turn left and take the next turning on your left (Lower Lane). Go past the Rising Sun and take the next right up hill. (Cross roads with unmetalled road in front of you) for 10 metres and go left through the bridleway gate.

Cross the field and through the kissing gate. Cross the field and go through the gateway on your right and then head up the hill to the top left hand corner to another bridleway gate. (The building on your right with the arched windows is Dalwood Methodist Church).

Go through the gate and go down the road in front of you, (notice board and Roselea on your right). Take the next right and head up hill. Go past the next turning on right and keep heading up hill.

Just around the sharp right hand bend (opposite Little Burrow) turn left over the stile and follow the right hand hedge next to woods, and go through the next two farm gates, then follow the left hand hedge and through the farm gate.

Keep following the left hand hedge gorng over a series of stiles and paddocks until you reach the road. (Roe deer with their fawns can quite often be seen sunning thejjiselves in these paddocks, especially when the grass is long)

The drive to your left leads down to Burrow Farm Gardens. To continue the walk turn right along the road and take the next turning on your right (30 metres). Go to the end of this leafy lane to the T junction.

Turn right and go down hill for 50 metres then go left over the stile and into the field. (Very steep descent for 10 metres), then head downhill to the bottom left hand corner. (The views from here down to Carpenters are absolutely fabulous and I think the best of the Corry Valley). In front, on the other side of the valley is Danes Hill, to the left over Dalwood Village is Horner Hill, the hamlet of Heathstock and in the distance the Blackdown Hills. To the right, downstream is Axminster Town).

Go through the farm gate onto road. Turn right in front of Higher Lea and go around the left hand bend. Go through the white farm gate into the field. At the end of the garden fence, (which is on your left), head diagonally left to the two farm gates in the bottom hedge. Go through the right hand gate and turn immediately left (down hill).

Follow the left hand hedge to the bottom left corner and go through the bridleway gate into the road. Turn left and take the next right (in front of barn conversion). At the bottom of the hill turn left (cross roads) into Lower Lane. At the end of Lower Lane turn right back to the Tuckers Arms.