Dalwood Parish Council


The Parish Council is a statutory consultee for the main planning authority East Devon District Council. Copies of all Planning Applications are circulated to all Parish Councillors and as many as are able attend arranged meetings at the site to view the proposed changes. A report of the Councillors' views is sent by the Parish Clerk to East Devon District Council's Planning Department. Residents wishing to comment on Planning Applications should ensure that their comments are sent directly to the District Council with a copy going to the Parish Council.

Highway Matters

Devon County Council is responsible for maintaining all roads, bridges and ditches in the parish. The Parish Council liaises with Devon County Council and reports any defects in the parish's roads through the Clerk.

Maintenance Matters

The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance of the two bus shelters, the village noticeboards and the seats by the bridge and at Lane End. The Council has a contractor cutting the grass in the centre of the village from Mowbars Hayes down to the bridge as well as the area around the bus stop at Carter's Cross and the triangle at Lane's End. The Parish Council appoints a voluntary Tree Warden to liaise with the local authorities and ensure the maintenance of the parish trees in good order.

Best Kept Village Competition

The Parish Council enters Devon County's Best Kept Village Competition each year and has had several successes and complimentary comments over the past few years winning trees which have been planted in various parts of the village.

P3 Parish Paths Partnership

This is part of a general scheme in Devon where we have a partnership between Devon County Council, Dalwood Parish Council, landowners and users of the footpaths to look after and maintain the footpaths in our parish. The Parish Council works with the County Council to ensure that all our local rights of way are maintained and improved wherever possible and used in the correct and responsible way. The Parish Council appoints the Voluntary Parish Path Coordinators who are responsible for carrying out an Annual Inspection Survey of all our paths to enable us to draw up a list of any work required to maintain our rights of way in as good condition as possible. To help with this we are allocated a small annual grant from the County Council for general maintenance, the majority of which is strimming work carried out twice a year and any repair works and improvements necessary.

Financial Matters

Details of this are included in the Minutes for each meeting.