Dalwood Recreation Trust

Commissioned by Dalwood community to negotiate the purchase of the ex-school playing field and a detached wooden building on the field, following the closure of Dalwood Primary School.

Founding Trustees: Shelagh Fearnley, Graham Perry, Ray Bradley, Hilary Horley, Kathy Laing, Lorna Gould, Veronica Dower, Brian Eddy, Wilf Slee and John Steel.

Serving Board members: Shelagh Fearnley, Graham Perry, Ray Bradley, Hilary Horley, Kathy Laing, Lorna Gould, Brian Eddy, George Marshall and Rosalind Parry.

After successful fundraising events, donations and negotiations with Devon county Council (DCC), a 100% reduction on the open market value of the field, now known as The Jubilee Field, and a 50 % reduction of the building, now known as The Pavilion, was achieved. The purchases and transfer of ownership of the assets to the DRT was completed in April 2013.

We began essential renovations of The Pavilion in July 2103, adding an accessible toilet and access, decorated inside and out, and refurbished to make a meeting room equipped with audio and video equipment that would enhance a small meeting/conference room.

DRT’s annual expenditure is approx. £1.200 for insurances, upkeep of equipment, utility costs.

We will ensure we have weekly/monthly incomes from hire fees, membership fees, and fundraising events. Successful fundraisers, well supported by the community to date have been a Krazy Kricket match, Plant and Garden sale, Jumble sales, Auction of Promises, Pool Bar-B-Q , a joint fundraiser with our sister charity in Dalwood The Reading Room, and of course raffles. Thank you to all who have supported these successful events for providing much needed funds.

DRT plans to provide, maintain and develop a playing field with equipment and facilities for diverse sporting and recreation activities that will include, table tennis, football, cricket, basketball, net ball, alongside a picnic area and Pavilion to meet, relax and enjoy.

Dalwood Pavilion Air Walker at Dalwood Playing Field

Benefits of the community owned Jubilee Pavilion and Field include:

  • Adding to the communities limited facility which currently only provides for indoor social and physical activities
  • Benefits all social and economic groups provides free activities to the Jubilee Field for some activities
  • Provides access for all community and sports activities
  • Provides access to social activities: formal/informal/recreational
  • Creates good quality and sustainable sports, play and recreational facilities for all ages and abilities
  • Is visible and accessible to all the community
  • Increases participation in sport and physical activity
  • Enhances sense of wellbeing and belonging to a community, emotionally and socially
  • Increases opportunities to meet and gather socially
  • Provides engagement and opportunity via volunteering/socialising for all
  • Improves access to sport and recreation at local level
  • Improves and expands recreational opportunities
  • No other local facilities are available locally
  • Aids sustainability of our rural community and reduces the use of cars and other transport
  • Reduces rural isolation
  • Will bring the community together
  • Team work

We have much to do; there are fundraising events and activities planned. Please see Dalwood website, parish paper, village notice boards and DRT’s notice board in the Village Hall.

How can you become involved?

  • Become a trustee
  • Volunteer your skills
  • Support fundraising events
  • Please let any trustee know of your interest

All monies donated will go to developing the Jubilee Recreational Field and Pavilion.

Funds are needed from: e.g.

  • £5-£30 for - a can of paint, decorating materials, pots and pans, play equipment
  • £30-£100 for – picnic tables, chairs, plants, building materials
  • £100-£500 for BBQ, windows, refurbishment, kitchen equipment
  • £500-£2000 for new doors, sports and play equipment, carpets
  • £2000-£5000 disabled facilities, toilets and entrance, children’s play area, meeting room equipment
  • £5000-£20,000 for outdoor facilities for all ages, landscaping areas, indoor recreational equipment
  • £20,000- £45,000 for a Multi- Use Games Area (MUGA)

Playground Fundraising APPEAL UPDATE

The Ashbury climbing frame is now installed.

Thanks to the team who worked so hard to level the ground, trim and prune the trees, and more to prepare the play area.

They are Winston, Dan, Graham, Brain H, Brian E and Ray B. THANK YOU

We have been awarded £5,000. Thank you to all the parish councillors for so generously supporting our application.

Special thanks go to:

  • Susan Hunnisett who has made a generous donation towards a piece of play equipment. THANK YOU, Susan.
  • The Curry Night raised much needed funds, thank you to all who supported us.

2019 date for your diary: Tracey plans a ‘24 hr Skittlethon’ at The Tuckers in the new year to raise funds for the playground.

Thank you, Tracey.

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