Dalwood Country Fair - Saturday 17th August 2018

Dalwood County Fair AGM 2018

Dalwood Country Fair committee held their 2018 AGM on 21st October 2018, at The Tuckers Arms Dalwood.

Kathy Laing 2017-18 chair of the Dalwood Fair Committee (DFC) welcomed 25 guests.

Kathy began her chair’s report with thanks to all the committee who work so hard all year around to make Fair Day such a success.

She went on to thank Martin Farenden especially for allowing the field to be used to set up before Fair Day, on Fair Day and for dismantling and clearing up after Fair Day. Thank you Martin.

Kathy extended special thanks to Graham Perry for his work on the field gates, to Tracey for all her help with the bar on Fair Day and Alan Bright’s for the use of their shed, as our money hub. Thank you all

The DFC met 8 times since the 2017 AGM. They have purchased new tabards and a new BBQ thanks to The Corry Valley Community Land Trust who donated £600 to the DFC to purchase them and some other items urgently needed.

Fair Day itself was a success, our numbers were slightly up on last year. The weather was kinder. Julian Perryman and Chris from DIY SOS judged the Fancy dress competition with some 21 entrants. The theme this year was ‘What will I be when I grow up? ‘Julian and Chris then went on to formally open our Fair. Thank You Julian and Chris

This year DFC agreed 12. 5% of the Fair proceeds would go to two nominated charities:

ARC counselling services and Axminster Care Services

Both charities offer much needed services within Axminster. Thanks to them for all they do for our local community.

All village beneficiary organisations and charities hold fundraisers throughout the year. Their fundraisers enable the Fair to be self-funding.

Kathy gave examples of the events held: Village Hall Trust; Duck Race, St Peter’s Church, Methodist Church: Coffee Mornings, Corrydale Singers: Annual Show, Dalwood Recreation Trust for the use of the Jubilee Field and Pavilion, and thanks as ever goes to Derek Gould for organising the 10k run.

Kathy ended her annual report with a special Thank you to all our volunteers, who work so hard before the day setting up on the day and afterwards making sure all is put away ready for next year and of course our visitors… We couldn’t do it without you … ALL

£8,000 was distributed by Kathy as she presented the DFC cheques, firstly donating £500 to Jane Ure, from ARC.

Jane shared her moving experience of loss with us all. She highlighted how important ARC had been to her personally and how much they had helped her during such a traumatic and painful time in her life.

ARC needs some £80, 000 + per year to sustain the service. It is funded solely by donations, sponsors and the ARC shop in Axminster, they receive little or no NHS funding.

Thank you, Jane, for being so strong.

*Post AGM: £500 Axminster Care Services donation was presented to Rita Curry co-ordinator, Ann Kilford, shop manager, Mervyn Symes and other Axminster Care services trustees, by Kathy at their charity shop Togs, on 30.10.2018. They said it will be used towards their services, which includes helping local people in need.

Kathy continuing presenting cheques to the beneficiaries of the Village charities and organisations

  • £1390.00p Village Hall Trust George Marshall received the cheque saying it would lift the account as new chairs have been purchased this year and they are about to re- decorate the hall.
  • £1320.50p St Peter’s Church Brian Eddy received the cheque saying it would go towards a new sound system
  • £1,112.00p Dalwood Recreation Trust George Marshall said it would go towards the new Children’s Playground equipment for the Jubille Field
  • £1,042.50p The Reading Room received by Catharine Seward, who said it will go towards new security equipment
  • £1,042.50p The Methodist Chapel received by Roderick Ovey saying it will go towards maintaining their listed building
  • £417.00p The Raft Club cheque was received by Lorna Gould, who said it will go towards a new trailer
  • £347.50p Badminton Club Received by Derek Gould, who said it will buy more shuttlecocks
  • £278.00p Corrydale Singer, received by Debbie Jowett who said it would go towards new shelter/tents outside the hall during Show week

All beneficiaries thanked the DFC for their generosity.

Cake and light refreshments were served as Kathy thanked all for their attendance and contributions to some lively discussions at 2018 AGM.

Cheque presented to Axminster Care Services.

From left to right: Ann Kilford, shop manager, Mervyn Symes trustee, Rita Curry co-ordinator receiving the cheque from Kathy Laing DFC chair, with two delighted trustees looking on

From Left to right at the AGM

Derek Gould Badminton Club, Brian Eddy St Peter’s Church, Kathy Laing chair DFC, Debbie Jowett Corrydale Singers, Roderick Ovey The Methodist Chapel, holding two cheques George Marshall, one for Village hall Trust and one for Dalwood Recreation Trust

Front row: from left to right, Catherine Seward The Reading Room, Jane Ure ARC and Lorna Gould The Raft Club

Dalwood County Fair 2018


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