Corrydale 30th Anniversary Show, Oct 2017

The 'Darling Buds of Dalwood' Needs you!

We need performers of any age, youngsters upwards!

Please don't hide your singing, dancing and acting talents. Share them with us.

Come to a show meeting on Tuesday 30th May, Held in the Village hall at 7.30pm.

We also need memories of village life since 1987!

If you have any memories, (comical, historical, village events, things about a particular village character) that you can share and don't mind being used in the show,
please contact one of the below:

Or if you would like to know anything about the show, please contact:

Please join us, Corrydale needs you, your thoughts and ideas.

All Welcomed

The Corrydale Singers

We take our name from the Corry Brook that flows through Dalwood. For over 30 years Corrydale Singers have been entertaining Dalwood and the surrounding villages. Our annual show is in August, for 4 nights in the week following Dalwood’s famous Country Fair and at Christmas we host an event staring village organisations.

We are always looking for new members, either to be on stage or behind the scenes. If you are interesting in joining in the fun, in any capacity, please get in touch, contact details are above. All are welcome.

August 2015 – The Rural Variety Performance

This year’s successful show was no exception. It raised a staggering £1419 profit, all of which is donated to the Dalwood Fair Fund.

The 32 cast members played to a packed hall on each of the four nights in August.

The evening started with an appearance by ‘Her Majesty, The Queen and Prince Phillip’ played with aplomb by Hilary Horley and Gerry Cooper and the audience stood appropriately!

Dave Bennet our compere, proved that not only does he sing very well, but also he is a very talented mimic, impersonating no less than 6 well known characters as he introduced the acts. There was also a guest appearance by Benny Hill.

The audience was treated to a variety of songs and sketches. We had a truly international show this year. Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and Marilyn Monroe came in from the States and Dame Edna from Oz. Dalwood’s own order of Silent Monks performed the Halleluiah Chorus; you needed to be there to believe it! Speciality acts included synchronised swimming (on the stage!) and the Corry River Dancers returned with a new routine to great applause.

We had an ancient fairy, golfers, camping scouts and a BA airline crew. A trio of singing cleaners also doubled up as a sixties girl band. Our local doctors explained the facts of life and an inebriated father of the bride managed to stay on the stage! One of our junior members did an enchanting dance routine to her mother’s beautiful rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’.

Five of the original Corrydale members treated us to a medley of songs and jokes. There was an excellent performance by Fagin & his gang and interesting little song, penned by Brian Eddy, extolling the virtues of our local ‘Dalwood Wine’. Everyone was expertly supported by great musical accompaniment. What a wealth of talent we have in Dalwood.

Shelagh Fearnley did her usual excellent job of directing. Of course we cannot forget the wonderful work done by those behind the scenes, “front of house”, manning the bar and organising the inevitable raffle.

Thank you so much to everybody who supported this year’s production. If you missed the show this year (what’s your excuse?) there will be another show next August!

There’s no business like show business!